Quickies: 08/01/2012


MARRIAGE EQUALITY LINK BONANZA: way to go, DNC; fuck off, Prop 8-ers; another nail in the coffin for DOMA.

Canada, what the hell is wrong with you? Bisexuality exists, and so does straight privilege. Neither of those should be news! And as an aside, even if Nanziri weren’t some variety of queer, WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU SEND HER BACK TO A COUNTRY WHERE SHE WAS RAPED BY POLICE kill all humans, what the hell.

As voices of reason get fewer and farther between in this whole Chick-Fil-A shitshow, here is a breath of fresh air.

Remember that charming story I shared with you a while ago about the first airman to marry his partner on a United States military base? A chaplain who attended (but did not officiate!) his buddy’s wedding has left the Southern Baptist Convention because they were assholes to him about it. Good job, Col. Wagoner!

Here’s a thing about gender policing in the Olympics that some of you may find interesting. (Full disclosure: my problems with the Olympics go way, way beyond gender politics.)

Featured image from the Los Angeles Times.

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  1. Breath of fresh air does not do that video justice. More like a goddamn oxygen mask after being pulled from a house fire.

    I *just* saw a local news report on the CFA support day and apparently local restaurants were selling out.

    Augh. Didn’t help that I was watching TV with my family. Awkward as hell, wondering if they can read the expression on my face, wondering if they even gave half a shit that bigots were fucking flourishing.

    Not that they had a reason to, though, not like they know anyone gay, amirite?

    It’s times like this that I wish I was out so I could show them that video and have it make sense.

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