Quickies 08/06/2012


Birth control has caused the birthrate in Iran to plummet. It’s as if when given the choice, women don’t want to have seven children. And empowering women to control their own fertility is having the indirect effect of empowering daughters. ‘”Iranian women are not going back,” said Sussan Tahmasebi, an Iranian women’s rights leader now living in the United States.’

Pupil dilation may be a reliable indicator of sexual attraction, according to a new study.

There’s been a depressing level of off-label use of steroids in pregnant women to prevent intersex conditions and homosexuality. It’s used before the fetus is actually sexed, which means even if you assume it prevents some fetuses from developing as intersex, it’s still used about eight times too often.

Here’s a great run-down on why the Chik-fil-A fight is about much more than US marriage rights.

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