Quickies: 08/15/2012


Presented without comment: (S)he’s Got the Look: Gender Stereotyping of Robots. And because one of your editors loves you all very, very much, here is a link to the full article.

Owldolatrous takes down Bryan Fischer’s “underground railroad” idiocy.

So The Price Is Right is finally getting with the directed-at-men gaze and hiring some dude prize-pointers.

Oh, ex-gay organizations, the desperate flailing of your death throes fills me with so much glee and goodwill. I look forward to more histrionics when the bill passes.

Rachel Maddow is still my hero.

A San Francisco Catholic church has decided that it will no longer allow drag queens in its hallowed halls. Problem: the church is in the Castro. Awesome: patrons of the church and its facilities are pushing back.

Featured image of everyone’s favorite depressive robot. Kids, don’t GIS for “gay robots.” It will not end well.

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