Quickies: 08/17/2012

A study of Science journalism’s tendency to sensationalise non-heterosexual animal behaviour reveals some funny yet frustrating results. Annalee Newitz discusses further over at io9. As important as it is to be objective about these things, I think I’ll always love the Parks and Rec penguins.

Changing the narrative of trans* stories, inspired by Lana Wachowski’s appearance in a promo video for the new Cloud Atlas movie (which I am so excited about, OMG).

A young man fights homophobia in his hometown with the Bible. Yes.

As if the whole Pussy Riot trial weren’t enough, the Olympic Pride House, which has existed since the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics and was present at London this year has been banned by Russian courts for the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics. I guess they haven’t noticed the big ol’ rainbow on the actual Olympic symbol. Perhaps they might ban that too.

Featured image of two penguins that may or may not be in love. Still cute though.

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Bip lives in Sydney, Australia, where she attempts to study how viruses work and hopes someone gives her a PhD for it. Apart from microscopic organisms, she also has a soft spot for animals, humans and robots. Bip was raised Muslim and female but is now skeptical of both.

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