Quickies: 08/22/2012


So Anonymous hacked the website of the Russian court that sentenced Pussy Riot to two years in prison.

I like this post from Gin and Tacos about the Akin debacle. “Better to be silent than sorry” is a pretty good maxim when you don’t know how to own up to your privilege.

s.e. smith has a post about the mainstreaming of asexuality at CiF.

The Washington Post reported a pretty significant survey about support for marriage equality last week, and Sociological Images breaks it down here.

Featured image from Teach the Controversy.

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  1. It’s always kind of interesting when 4chan decides to do something decent (if it was indeed them). They do sometimes err on the side of social justice, and I do remember them trying to go after the KKK once, but I didn’t think they’d side with a feminist band. Granted, this was probably done out of hating Russia more than anything, but still.

    I love how they refer to anonymous though. The ‘American Chapter’ of a collective, oh, ha.’

    As far as ‘better silent than sorry’, that is a good maxim, but I must agree with one comment on that site. If they stay silent, they don’t publicly announce themselves to be stupid as hell, and then they might look slightly less like the worst person to vote for ever.

    As much as it would be nice to never hear phrases like ‘legitimate rape’ period, but it’s at least good to know which assholes think such things.

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