Quickies: 08/29/2012

IT’S FINALLY HERE: Glossed Over‘s liveblog of the September issue of Vogue. Well, I mean, it was live. Now you just get to read it.

In case you didn’t hear about this, Bic decided that the thing ladies apparently need most is a pen created just for us, which (as per usual) mostly means “pink.” Jezebel rounded up the best from the commentariat.

Here is a charming article about a German father who started wearing skirts to support his gender-variant son, translated for your reading pleasure by a kind Tumblr user. (The colors make it hard to read, but it’s worth it.)

Have a lol at this facebook group full of soldiers posting mostly-nude pictures of themselves to support Prince Harry following his, uh, indiscretions. At moment of posting there’s a 7-months pregnant servicewoman at the top of the list. :9

Interesting read: Carlos Maza goes undercover at NOM’s annual student conference.

Featured image from emma.de.

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