QUICKIES 09/03/2012

Just in case your children were for a moment tempted into believing that perhaps their sex was not their sole defining trait, Sheila Walsh has come along with His and Hers bible story books!

A new report from GLAAD examines LGBT character depictions on American television. Skeptics of the intersectionality of oppression, take note: “White gay men remain the most popular kind of LGBT people on television.”

Washington Times founder and noted deranged cult leader Rev. Moon has died at age 92, joining other visionaries as L. Ron Hubbard and the esteemed Srila Prabhupada, both also known for exploiting emotionally vulnerable young people with ludicrous promises of eternal bliss enforced corporeally with cruelty and abuse. Yes, I celebrated.

Separate but equal: still not equal. Dividing people into two largely arbitrary categories and then putting them in single-category classrooms actually promotes stereotypes and negative beliefs about the mysterious out-group members.

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  1. September 4, 2012 at 1:44 pm —

    good lord, that gender-segregated-classrooms expose is alarming. i wouldn’t have lasted three days in that kind of environment.

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