AI: Will You Be Able to Vote?


According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, over 25,000 transgender voters face possible disenfranchisement in the upcoming presidential election due to new voter ID laws in 9 states. Transgender voters face multiple barriers to getting appropriate identification, and may face additional barriers if they are also people of color, students, low income, or have a disability.

Are you worried about having your voice heard in elections in your area? Do you face ID issues that disrupt your life? Do you know anyone who has struggled, or is struggling, to get proper identification documents?

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  1. Luckily in the UK it is relatively easy to get new ID for binary trans people, I got rather exited when my passport with an F on it arrived. I don’t think we’d ever end up with a voter ID law in this country anyway either but I may some day be proven wrong…

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