Quickies: 14/09/12


A response to Barney Frank’s Log Cabin Republicans comment, why Uncle Tom is an inappropriate analogy, for several reasons.

As councils across Ireland vote on marriage equality, South Dublin City Council is the latest to vote in favour of civil marriage for same sex couples. Following Dublin City Council’s vote last week, this is the ninth Irish city council to return a positive vote. You can keep track of the proceedings via

Check out, a website examining the representations of human anatomy in medicine, art and design, and their most recent post on the objectification of women in anatomy textbooks (some images NSFW). The article does get problematic towards the end, with a ‘feminism aside…’ comment that does a little gender policing.

From BitchFlicks, the ‘Girls on Film‘ project is an exciting exercise which examines gender-restricted roles in film by recreating scenes with swapped genders. So far, they’ve covered Fight Club, No Country for Old Men, and Drive, among others. Cool stuff, guys.

Featured image from and is as scary as the original to me.

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