QUICKIES 09/17/2012

Some good news for abortion rights: The ninth circuit has ruled that an Idaho woman who ordered RU-486 off the internet to terminate her pregnancy cannot be prosecuted for obtaining an “unlawful abortion.”  It’s good to know that some in the judiciary still see the problem with prosecuting a woman for exercising her Constitutional right to end her pregnancy.

Pennsylvania may execute a man for killing his rapist.  The jury did not hear about the repeated rapes during the trial.

Feministing has a great interview with the only out pansexual representative Mary Gonzalez.

Pussy Riot and the next generation of punk women.

Photo depicts Vivian Girls vocalist and drummer Katy Goodman, by Roger Kisby/Getty Images, via the Newyorker article.

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  1. September 17, 2012 at 9:19 pm —

    That photo! I love Vivian Girls!

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