Quickies 03/10/12

A Minnesota appeals court has overturned a man’s assault conviction for transmitting HIV to another man through sex. I haven’t heard anything about this story before, but I’m going to be following it now.

Reasons to love Bruce Springsteen, #34895724984723: he is The Four’s newest poster boy for marriage equality.

Same-sex couples with children are now eligible for parental leave and other government benefits granted to heterosexual parents.

If you’re in Hong Kong and want to give LGBT-friendly businesses some love, there’s now an app for that. Can I have one for my city?

Featured image is Bruce Springsteen being The Boss. Also, I’m posting these quickies on behalf of Rachel, whose internet is acting up.

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Courtney is a theoretical physics student at Imperial College London, broadly identifying as cisfemale, panromantic, asexual and atheist. She lives with mental illness (worst room-mate ever) and hopes to help break down the stigma attached to admitting that. Her hobbies include campaigning, internetting and spectacularly failing to defy any stereotypes regarding British people and tea. She also identifies as an X-Phile/Browncoat/Whovian, which are clearly the most important things.

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