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I just started a class on Weather and Climate yesterday, and both yesterday and today we’re getting a lot of rain in my area. After months of drought a couple of days of good downpour is really nice. So weather is on my mind this week, and probably will be for the next 8 weeks while I take this class.

I love fall with a passion. The leaves this year were particularly beautiful as their colors changed (they are almost done now in Wisconsin), and cooler temperatures are a relief especially after an ultra-hot summer like this one was. Fall has fantastic food, fun activities, and great holidays.

I also love storms. As long as I’m not driving, a good hard rain makes me happy. I like the smell of it, and thunder and lightning fascinate me. I find myself awed by the power of the natural world, and humbled by something that we have no control over and just have to submit to.

What is your favorite weather? You favorite season? Do you enjoy storms, or find them a nuisance?

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