Your Deity Sent Sandy On Purpose?!


The woman in the featured image for this post is named Glenda Moore. Superstorm Sandy ruined her life.

The bodies of Glenda’s two toddlers were found today after they were literally swept from their mother’s arms by the water. She had just enough time to remove her children from their carseats before she was overwhelmed by the waves, and after the SUV they’d driven away from their flooded home in was trapped in the rising waters.

After her sons were washed away, Glenda went door-to-door looking for help and for shelter from the storm, but no one would help her. Ultimately, she took what little shelter she could from a front porch for the rest of the night, alone.

Just keep that in mind for a second.

Think about Glenda Moore’s night spent watching God and then read about the sociopathic vultures pastors and clerics who’ve said this hurricane was sent to teach those toddlers a lesson for their poor choice to near near the gays/ close to where some guy blasphemed, thus pissing off a rage-filled, lazy, apparently drunk deity.

What I’ll never understand is the impulse to worship such a monster. I’ve been asked before whether, if the speaker could prove God existed, I would become a Christian? Would I accept Jesus as my personal savior? Would I sing his praises and subscribe to their newsletter?

Hell no, and this is why: Such a being with the ability but not the will to prevent a tragedy – or worse, a being with the ability and the will to cause such a circumstance – is one that morality compels me and any thinking person to oppose at all costs.

Such a deity is a moral monster.

So I read about people who worship toddler-drowning shits and I try to fathom the emotional baggage that’s required for that level of moral depravity. The fear that one day, such thinking might start to make sense to me, actually keeps me up some nights. If I believed in a soul, this is what losing it would look like.

It’s worth mentioning the obvious to any Christian, Muslim or Jewish readers: even if you don’t believe God sent this particular storm to murder these particular children, remember Noah and the flood that drowned the world. Take a moment to imagine all the Glenda Moores whose names were not written down in any of the begats of Genesis, who watched their children swept away and spent their final minutes or hours swimming desperately, exhaustedly, through the rain and in the dark, looking.

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  1. When I was a theist, I would have rationalized this tragedy thus: the toddlers’s souls were happily in Heaven, and hopefully their mother would realize this and that knowledge would ease her loss. This combination of naivety and callousness was necessary to maintain a belief in an All Loving God (ALG) that presides over this world. (My family couldn’t square their belief in ALG with the accounts in the Bible, so the Bible was relegated to ancient theology with grains of truth scattered within.) By high school, I was agnostic about ALG, and towards the end of my conversion to atheism, I had decided that if any god existed, it must be ambivalent or evil. Not even the belief in Heaven or Nirvana could square an ALG with the needless suffering that abounds our world.

  2. I like that comparison with the whole Noah and the ark deal. And let’s see… all the firstborn of Egypt… and so many more, according to the Bible and lots of crazy ass people throughout history. I’m ashamed to admit that I was taught so much of this as a little kid (and believed it), that it wasn’t until I had my own kids that I could fully acknowledge how truly crazy all of it was. Once I realized there was no way in hell I was teaching my own kids that kind of crap, I finally was able to let go of what I’d been taught growing up. Wish it hadn’t taken me so long, but I’m glad it was before I messed my kids’ thinking up too…

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