Quickies: 11/14/2012


The idyllic hamlet of Janestown, Wisconsin has approved a resolution extending domestic partnership benefits to LGBT city employees. Why do we care? Because that’s Paul Ryan’s hometown. (I bet his tears of impotent rage are delicious.)

Got some straight ally buds who you think deserve mad props in the fight for marriage equality? Boy, have I got a tumblr for you.

New political crush Kyrsten Sinema has won her race in Arizona’s 9th district, making her the first out bisexual elected to Congress. \o/

In non-election-related news: NOM is trying to blackmail Starbucks into recanting their well-known pro-gay ways. Such nice folks, that National Organization for Marriage.

So remember that thing where Fox News was calling Elmo a child molester? Actor/puppeteer Kevin Clash comes out, denies allegations, is classy and the accuser has recanted. (Grover remains superior.)

Featured image of Mr. Kevin Clash and his Muppet.

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