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We are quickly approaching Queereka’s first birthday! Behind the scenes, we are discussing ways to improve the content and experience of Queereka. We are always interested in improving the quality of the site.

As such, I think it is time for us to get your feedback! So, give us INPUT!

What are your suggestions for improving Queereka? What would you like to see more of? What doesn’t work so well? What’s your favorite thing about the site? Least favorite? This is your chance to give us your feedback and help improve the site!

For those who don’t get the input references (or even if you do!), watch the video after the jump!

Featured image is of Johnny 5, from Short Circuit.

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  1. Obviously more regular updates and more content are something to strive for (sometimes I’ll glance at the site over a couple of days without seeing anything new, or only a couple of cross-posts from Skepchick, which is sad), but you’re working on that already by seeking out new writers.

    Content and traffic could probably be further increased by partnering up with similar interest sites and doing some cross-posting (similar to how Skepchick cross-posts from Jezebel all the time), although obviously doing too much of this would make the site seem redundant.

    As more content does start appearing, I think it would be really useful to divide posts into categorizations of some sort, so that people can browse in a topic-based fashion: “queer interest pieces” is a pretty broad label, after all. The “related posts” links at the bottom of an article are a good start, but maybe implement some sort of tagging system? I happen to like the “tag clouds” often put in the sidebars of WordPress blogs, where you can click on a topic that interests you and it brings you to a whole bunch of recent articles on that subject. Tagging would also mean an easier time using the “search” function, and probably better directed traffic from search engines like Google.

    The site also needs buttons for sharing and “liking” articles on various social media like Facebook, which would increase traffic.

    And the commenting function is a bit clunky — some of the ways that are offered for logging in are not functional (I can never manage to log in with my WordPress account, for no apparent reason, and end up having to log in via Facebook instead). A failed log in takes you away from the page you were on (annoying).

    • Thanks for your input! It is much appreciated, and I agree with all of your feedback. =) Some of those things (commenting system and “like” buttons) are not things I can personally change, but I will forward those concerns to Rebecca.

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