Queer History: Holiday Edition


That time of year when our thoughts turn to time spent with family and/or loved ones. May we all be among those lucky enough to say “and” more than “or”, but fact remains, being queer often means we have “coercively assigned relatives at birth”!

Let’s do a two-fer this go round and take a look at the fabulous folks and events that defined November and December for our community over time.

Here’s a great place that reminds us of those special LGBT gifts we’ve received in the past, and some still giving: the diverse faces born in November and December. Give them a peek, they do fantastic curating of our shared history. The great Billie Jean King, RuPaul, and Rock Hudson all  born in the same month!

But in keeping with Autumn, it’s also a time of mourning. The first Trans Day of Remembrance, still a contentious and controversial event, was held in November 1999. This is also the month we lost icons like Oscar Wilde and Harvey Milk.

With the bitter cold of Winter came also the first World AIDS day, in 1988, starting December off. Later, in 1996, President Nelson Mandela promulgated the world’s first constitution which enshrined protections for sexual orientation in its bill of rights. Looks like quite a few of us so called “advanced” nations could learn a thing or two.

Who is yet to come, our new generation of inspired queer folk? Whatever triumphs or struggles remain ahead for all, may you face them with a family that honors your authentic self, whether by blood or by choice.

Featured image from wikicommons, Harvey Milk filling in for Mayor Moscone in 1978

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