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My fiance got her teeth whitened yesterday, and was in a lot of pain last night. I didn’t realize it would hurt so much, and neither did she. It was bad enough that she does not intend to do it again. I felt pretty bad for her. However, the pictures she took of the process are pretty hilarious.

I’ve never considered getting my teeth whitened for a variety of reasons. First of all, it’s expensive, and I don’t have that kind of money. Secondly, I don’t worry about my looks THAT much – I shave, get haircuts, and try not to wear terrible glasses and that’s about as far as vanity goes for me. Now I can add pain to the list of reasons to avoid it.

Do you do anything expensive, painful, or time consuming for your appearance? Have you done anything like that in the past that you do not want to do again? Are not-so-white teeth terrible and ugly and I should be ashamed of mine?

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  1. In my day-to-day, my primary vanities are snarky t-shirts, eyeliner, and awesome boots. The “special occasion” routine for the most part isn’t much different, except that it involves nicer shirts and maybe not cargo pants or jeans.

    I have, however, accepted and will continue to accept a significant level of expense and discomfort for (sci-fi/fantasy) convention costumes. I can look perfectly satisfactory in mundane clothes without much time or effort, but since many (probably most) SF/F cosplays require a certain defiance for both physics and good sartorial sense… certain sacrifices must be made for accuracy. So far, it’s been worth it. We’ll see if that position changes after I experience multiple hours in the boots I have for one of my new ones, though. It might. 😛

  2. No one can see your teeth under the gas mask anyway!

    …I did burn the hairs out of my face with a laser, which was rather painful but not entirely cosmetic.

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