Quickies: 12/05/2012

In case you haven’t cried yet this morning, here is a tale of Europe’s coolest princess (spoiler: it’s not Kate Middleton) (disclaimer: I don’t have anything against the Duchess of Cambridge, she just hasn’t done anything this awesome yet) flying to India after her aide and his husband couldn’t secure visas to be there at the birth of their children to a New Delhi surrogate.

California’s ban on conversion therapy is in legal limbo until a higher court weighs in. Sigh.

I love this: FORCE launches amazing wish-it-weren’t-a-prank site to promote consent alongside Victoria’s Secret fashion show. (I legit want ASK FIRST undies in every color.)

I hereby nominate McKenna Pope as our Awesome Adolescent of the Week for her petition to Hasbro asking for more gender-inclusive packaging and advertising for the Easy Bake Oven.

Do you long for a dating simulation game of your very own, with extra gayness? Well, you’re in luck, or you will be. If I had any money, I’d donate to this (already funded) campaign just to keep up with the project.

Featured image from PinkLovesConsent.com.

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