Welcome Our New Writers!


First, let me say thank you to everyone who applied to write for Queereka. We had over 50 applications this time around! We have brought on 5 new writers. If you were not selected this time, keep an eye on the site because we may bring on more writers in the future.

Let me introduce our newest Queereka writers.

Lux joins us from Teen Skepchick! Lux is an anti-theist, atheist+, feminist, genderqueer, pansexual, pro-choice, liberal, 99% who loves cats, video games, rain, coffee, and books, and who hates hypocrisy, willful ignorance, and sometimes stupidity.

Dae is a chemical engineering graduate student who aspires to become a mad scientist, but is prepared to settle for being a professor. Her extracurricular academic interests are an ever-shifting list but currently include temperament psychology, philosophy, transhumanism, and pre-modern literature. She identifies as a bisexual cis-woman, as well as a feminist, humanist, atheist, and roleplaying game enthusiast.

Belle is a red bean past filled androsexual, mildly closeted transwoman pastry who is working towards becoming a mathematician. She tends to spend her time alone with a glass of wine, and rarely goes out except for classes and the occasional swordplay. While she does have a very close network of friends, she could be described as a hermit of sorts. She also feels strange talking about herself in the third person. Can you guess what pastry she is?

Crj is a 30-something Puerto Rican living in NYC since 2004; a Riot Nrrd, Queer, with a hard fetish for science.

And last but not least…

Marilee (known as marilove on Skepchick comments threads). Marilee was born in Lake Havasu, AZ, in early August — during which time the average temperature is 110 degrees Fahrenheit.  She moved to Phoenix over 12 years ago to get away from the heat.  She now lives in the gayest neighborhood (and perhaps the gayest apartment complex) of the gayest zip code in all of Phoenix (and therefore, Arizona), and she is quite happy there.  She has been interested in Skepticism for some time now, and is active in her local LGBT community, including personally pissing off John McCain while protesting DADT in Washington, DC, which she is very proud of.  She is currently going to school and has (she thinks) decided to get a business degree.  Marilee identifies as queer or bisexual or pansexual or whatever. To be perfectly honest, she is too disorganized for labels.

Welcome to all of our new writers!

As we approach Queereka’s first birthday on January 2, we are working on getting our shit together and bringing our readers more content. We are planning on doing a Queereka Birthday Bash that will include a live Google Hangout. Details to follow, so keep an eye out for that!

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