Fightin’ Texas Aggie Twelfth Man Quickies! 12/12/2012

Comic Book Resources has this charming interview with my honorary grandparent George Takei, who appeared in Kevin Keller (that’s Archie’s gay buddy) #6.

Here is a really sweet post from Ms. remembering Jenni Rivera, the Latina various-media-superstar who was killed in a plane crash this week.

Oh hey there, UK marriage equality, nice to see you. Nice hand-wringing, Church of England; way to make yourselves look even more antiquated and superfluous than usual.

So the AP eliminated the word “homophobia” from its stylebook recently. Jarrah at Gender Focus has a great post and roundup of reactions about why this matters.

The University of Iowa is adding an optional question to their application: “Do you identify with the LGBTQ community?” Please, please don’t let this be a lesson in the Law of Unintended Consequences.

Featured image from Comic Book Resources.

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Rachel is a queer lady from Texas who currently resides in southeastern Wisconsin. She studied history at Texas A&M University and has spent more time than she cares to admit arguing social justice with junior Republicans. She volunteers with Planned Parenthood and enjoys knitting, media criticism, and comic book slash fiction.

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