AI: Snowed In


So since I live in Wisconsin, and since finals ended yesterday (finally!) I am stuck inside at home all day today. So far I have cleaned, played Skyrim, and caught up on a lot of sleep. I was originally going to drive to Chicago today, but that clearly isn’t going to happen until my street gets plowed, so I’ll be up this evening working on a long Queereka post, and probably sewing Christmas gifts.

We don’t usually loose power in blizzards here, but it could happen. I’m pretty well stocked on everything we could need of that should happen though.

What do you do when weather or something else keeps you stuck at home all day?

Featured image is out my back window a few hours ago, photo credit to my roommate Trevis.

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  1. There’s freezing rain outside where I live (Toronto), so I’m curled up with my computer and an almond milk hot chocolate. Also baking cookies to take with me when I visit my cousins this weekend. Hopefully the weather clears by tomorrow, ’cause I have to go out and pick up a package from the post office. Would have done it today, but weather = nasty so me = staying in.

    • Yeah, I had errands I would like to have run today as well (bank, fabric store etc) but alas, I shall settle with drinking my enormous stash of Diet Pepsi and eating a lot of spaghetti.

  2. …play Skyrim! (Or my equivalent current RPG obsession.)

    I also tend to shuttle some of the time into my writing projects, and perhaps a bit toward costume plotting. Also, baking cookies.

  3. Coloring books and crayons! …why are you looking at me that way?

    Also, whatever paperback I have at hand. I’m hoping to get some of the 007 novels for whatever winter holiday my family is celebrating this year…

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