2012: Year In Review


On January 2, Queereka will be one year old!

To celebrate, we will be hosting a live Google Hangout on January 2 from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time. More details to follow!

For now, I’d like to review some of the highlights on Queereka over the last year.

Most Popular Posts
The follow are the eight most popular stories over the last year on Queereka:

8. Sunday School: An Open Letter to Josh Weed by Rachel
Remember Josh Weed, the self-identified gay sex therapist in an apparently happy heterosexual marriage with a robust and healthy heterosexual sex life? Unfortunately, so do I. Here’s Rachel’s open letter to him. This post had one of the more popular discussions in the comment section.

7. Myths and Misconceptions about Polyamory by Yessenia
Yessenia, the most prolific (and sarcastic!) writer on Queereka, debunks some of the myths and misconceptions of polyamory.

6. The Genderbread Person: A Critique by Will
This is my critique of the first Genderbread Person infographic and post by Sam Killermann. He did post an updated Genderbread Person after the criticism his first one got. I still like the idea despite its many flaws.

5. Not a Funny Joke by Benny
Benny discusses standing up to blatant sexism from strangers. Despite the scariness, Benny finds it to be an important practice for people who are willing and able to do so.

4. Asexuality on House, M.D. by Will
I put up this post after watching an episode of House, M.D. that had a subplot involving an asexual couple. The episode had an opportunity to educate viewers about asexuality, but ultimately failed as they pathologized–and then cured–asexuality.

3. 13 Myths and Misconceptions about Gay Men by Will
A post about the many myths and misconceptions floating around about gay men. Many of these are obvious to our readers, though I still encounter all of them regularly in my everyday life.

2. 13 Myths and Misconceptions about Trans Women (Part Two) by Natalie Reed (now at FTB)
Part Two of Natalie’s myths was the first non-regular content post to go up on Queereka. It was the continuation of her list that was started previously on Skepchick (see Part One). It’s still a quite popular post on Queereka.

1. 13 Myths and Misconceptions about Asexual People (Parts One and Two) by Courtney
By far the most popular post on Queereka this year has been Courtney’s two-part post on Asexuality. These two posts have more page views than the previous 7 posts combined. It’s a well written and informative post—a must read for anyone unfamiliar with asexuality. Congratulations, Courtney!

Hidden Gems
These are some of my favorite Queereka posts that didn’t get enough attention over the last year.

Interesting AIs
Here are some interesting Afternoon Inqueeries that have been posed by Queereka writers over the last year. Please do feel free to answer those questions in this thread or in the original!

What are your most memorable posts or discussions from Queereka over the past year?

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