Quickies: 01/16/2013


Good news for Wyoming readers: your new marriage equality legislation has bipartisan support. Bad news: you still live in Wyoming. Sorry about that.

Ozy Frantz tackles some basic social justice terms using this neat tool that restricts your usage to the thousand most common words in English. Playing with Upgoer is fun, but her definitions may come in handy if you’re trying to explain things to fourth graders (or someone with a fourth-grade vocabulary).

Please, James Franco, tell me more about your experiences shadowing sex workers and sitting in on shoots. [NSFW]

Hey, there’s going to be a new X-Men book about the lady X-Men. On the one hand, yay; on the other, who the hell approved a cover for a lady-centric book wherein every one of said ladies is either canting or spreading her legs?

And finally, check this out. I don’t even know what to say to that.

Featured image by Oliver Copiel, from X-Men #1.

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  1. Reading through the Upgoer-ized social justice definitions, I got so lulled into the fourth-grade-vocabulary rhythm that it was kind of shocking to come across the word “fuck.” Of course, I suppose it only really makes sense, coming from a list of the 1000 most common words in the English language. Also, It kinda reminded me the sorts of things we used to say as fourth-graders.

  2. Ugh to that last one. I think it’s just gross how he counterposes an acknowledgement of what a terrible force Christianity has been and is in the lives of LGBT people with his own strawman criticism of the “homosexual community”. No dude, you don’t get a cookie (or the right to critique the LGBT community and promote your own cause) just for recognizing how shitty the institution you’re part of has been to us. If you care, leave the church or at least advocate vocal reform within it. And stfu with these bogus claims that the LGBT community somehow claims that life should be all about self-gratification and that gay identities must be our only identities. You don’t get to trade empty words for the right to traffic in stereotypes like that.

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