QUICKIES 2013-02-13


New record for largest prime integer known having 17,425,170 digets! Old news, but I haven’t seen it talked about in the skeptic community. I also would like to satisfy my mathematical side.

The Pope resigns… As I’m sure you were all aware. Anecdote that is completely unrelated, I’m part of an improv group at uni, and we were doing a sketch called good cop bad cop a few days ago. The sketch requires three people: the good cop, bad cop, and suspect. The suspect leaves the room as the audience chooses who the suspect is, what they did, and where they did it. The suspect then comes back into the room, and we proceed to interrogate them as they try to piece together who they are, what they did, and where they did it. I was playing the good cop, and our prompts were as follows: they were the pope, they had stolen the moon, and they did it in a new jersey graveyard (which somehow the person playing the suspect got).


Something a profesor who I only recently came out to as trans sent me. Quite frankly, she’s awesome.

Also, database formatted date-time, because I can.

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