Chivalry’s Not Dead: We Call it Humanism!


…since we took out the gendered part of the definition!

Welcome to the first edition of Chivalry’s Not Dead, a weekly installation with a focus on humanism. This feature will showcase some acts of humanism every week on Wednesday from the news or personal experiences from our blog readers and writers.

This last week, a woman came into the convenience store I work at and tried to buy a cup of water with a food stamp card, which we don’t take. The cost was negligible, so I just told her not to worry about it and paid for it myself. Not the biggest, most impressive humanist thing ever, but that’s why we need to hear from you guys!

Here’s a clip from the ABC show Caught On Tape in which a Muslim actor pretends to have a flat tire and is helped by a particularly kind and talkative young man.

I promise I won’t show a bunch of clips from this show every time! This was just a great example of a probably-not-self-identified humanist doing a kind, selfless thing for a man who was clearly being ignored by others for looking the way he does. Even though we disagree with most of the Muslim faith tradition, we have to remember to respect them as individuals and as human beings, and to offer our hand when they need some help.

That’s all for this week! If you have a humanist story you’d like to share, feel free to comment below. If you’d like to see your story showcased on next week’s Chivalry’s Not Dead, feel free to use our contact form to let us know about it!

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Chivalry’s Not Dead is a weekly Queereka feature. Look for it Wednesdays at some random time!

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