Chivalry's Not Dead

Chivalry’s Not Dead: Chilly Charity and Basketball

Here’s the second installment of Chivalry’s Not Dead! We didn’t have any reader submissions this week, but there were a couple notable items in the news:


Image found at the Friendly Atheist


Some of the people from the Atheists of Maine jumped into a chilly-cold lake to raise money for a children’s retreat called Camp Sunshine that hosts kids with life-threatening illnesses and their families. They managed to raise $2,169, more than any other group! Gotta love atheists being good, charitable, bravely frostbitten people. You can still donate if you’d like to help out Camp Sunshine.

And this video is just beautiful moment stacked on beautiful moment. A basketball coach is much more supportive than the average person, enemies do friendly things. It’s worth a watch. You might cry a little because of how awesome it is.

That’s all this week! If you’ve got a story involving humanism you’d like to tell, please feel free to use our contact form to let us know!

Chivalry’s Not Dead is a weekly Queereka feature. Look for it on Wednesdays at some random time!

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