Chivalry’s Not Dead: Surprise Parents


I have no idea how I missed this story, which came out in The New York Times’ Opinionator blog on February 28th. More than a decade ago, a man called Danny found an abandoned baby in a subway station. He frantically phoned his partner, Peter, saying that the police hadn’t believed his story. Eventually the baby was taken into protective care and the processing began.

When Danny went to testify in court, he had no suspicion that it would be anything but a testimonial. However the judge, acting on a hunch, asked Danny if he was interested in adopting the baby. Stunned and having not spoken about adoption with his partner previously, he said yes.

Not long after that, Danny and Peter were before the same judge stating their intention to adopt. Expecting months of home inspections and parenting classes galore, they were shocked when the judge asked if they wanted to have the baby for the holiday–that holiday being Christmas and this hearing being on December 20th. Thus began their tenure as fosterparents, and then parents, of little Kevin.

Apparently I can’t just embed the video, so here’s a link to a video of the couple appearing on Anderson Cooper’s morning show.

This type of thing makes my eyes wetter. Whatever you call that. Seriously, if more people were like this couple, there would be so many kids in homes instead of foster care.

On a related and adorable note, squirrels sometimes adopt the orphans of their close relatives.

And here’s a squirrel purring like a kitten.

Remember, Chivalry’s Not Dead is a feature specifically highlighting acts of humanism! If you have any lovely stories you’d like us to share, let us know!

Chivalry’s Not Dead is a weekly Queereka feature. Look for it Wednesdays at some random time! Also this is where the featured image came from. Thanks, Google!

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