Quickies: 15/03/2013

New Zealand gets ever closer towards passing a bill for marriage equality.

A friend of mine is organising the 2013 Trans and Womyn’s Action Camp in Florida in the first week of April and would greatly welcome your attendance and support. Wish I could be there, it sounds really amazing!

If you or anyone you know is ever confused about what you can and cannot call ‘gay’, watch this very smart short video by Ash Beckham that lays it all out for you. Hint: if they’re not homosexual or really happy, the answer is probably ‘no’.

The Switch is a ‘Fantastic Transgender Comedy’ made by and for trans* folks, and is asking for your help at their Kickstarter to make it a reality.

And finally, for fans of Disney and surprisingly good political commentary ( I never thought I’d use both those terms in the same sentence!) check out this video of an extremely talented singer, telling us what actually did happen after ‘ever after’ to some of our favourite Disney heroines.

The featured image is a still captured form the video of Ash Beckham schooling us all on the word ‘gay’.


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