Quickies: 05/04/2013


Some people think LGBTQIA is a little too many letters to have to deal with in queer circles. That leaves me surprised they managed to master the English alphabet. It also prompts a great response piece that tackles the issue of people not liking the delicious taste of a queer alphabet soup. Contributed by reader Ciaránred.

Melissa Harris-Perry on her self-titled show on MSNBC talks about being a good ally. You can also read a breakdown and transcript of her piece here. And if you have the chance to, I’d highly recommend checking out her show.

I may not be able to ever watch Die Hard 3 or The Lion King again, *sniff*. Shame on you Jeremy Irons, shame on you.

It seems like the saga of the rainbow crossing on Sydney’s Oxford street will come to an end in less than a week due to the fear of it being a ‘dangerous road hazard’. People wanting selfies with the rainbow background are why we can’t have anything nice. But can we really blame them?

The government of Northern Ireland will be facing a human rights case brought forward  by Amnesty International for being the only place where LGBT people are exempt from the marriage equality bill passed in the UK earlier this year. The defence rests, your honour.

Featured image is a screen shot from the Melissa Harris-Perry Show, via MSNBC.

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