Quickies 4/22/2013


If you haven’t seen this yet, check out the New Zealand House of Commons breaking out into song after legalizing gay marriage.

18 illustrated responses to street harassment.

The curator of the Everday Sexism Project talks about the project, about the sexist hate mail she gets, and about the support network that’s developed around it: “Success stories began to pour in. In their own ways, women started to fight back. […] A woman tired of cold-callers asking to speak to “the man of the house” started putting them on to her six-year-old son, who’d sing: “I’m sexy and I know it.”

Transgender people in Pakistan are getting into politics. “People don’t believe we can be corrupt because we don’t have children and families,” says independent candidate Sanam Faqeer in the southern city of Sukkur. “We don’t need to collect wealth and build villas for our next generations by stealing people’s money as other politicians do,” she added.

Featured image is of New Zealand politician Louisa Wall.

(hat tip.)

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