Quickies: 18/05/2013


It’s International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT)! Here is a video by the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission on violence and discrimination faced by LBT individuals in Asia. Some pretty great voices represented here.

Please consider donating to TSQ: Transgender Studies Quarterly, ‘a new interdisciplinary academic journal that will change the way the world thinks about transgender issues’. They only have a few more weeks to get to their goal and this looks like a much-needed and worthy cause so consider chipping in if possible! From their Kickstarter page: “The development of transgender studies also makes a politically significant intervention into the lives of trans community members with tremendous unmet needs, by changing what and how we know about transgender issues.”

The European Union Agency for for Fundamental Rights recently published results from a survey started in 2012 of LGBT persons’ experience of discrimination, violence and harassment, and you can view the results here, as well as an interactive map here.

A couple in South Carolina are suing the state for a sexual reassignment surgery performed on their adoptive child born with an intersex condition, taking away the child’s right to choose later in life.

And you may have seen this already but if you haven’t, bask in the warm glow of this feminist prank that proves sometimes people can surprise you in pleasant ways.

Featured image is cropped from an image from The Hawkeye Initiative.

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