Quickies: 31/5/13


Hey everyone, today’s date is a palindrome! Just thought I’d mention that because I wanted to give you something to smile about before I sent you to read about this:

Nigerian House of Representatives pass an anti-gay marriage bill, also outlawing gay advocacy groups. All that stands between it becoming part of the law is a signature from the President. You can sign the petition asking him not to approve it here.

And now for something good: A high school in a Massachusetts town becomes the first in the town to have a transgender prom queen. And I’m sure the only mean thing about that girl was her outfit! (TW for some misgendering.)

Dys4ia is an amazing autobiographical game that takes you through one trans person’s experiences with hormone therapy. Highly recommend.

An Australian sex and gender education activist has won an appeal with the Supreme Court of New South Wales to recognise a third sex status of ‘not specified’.

Featured image is a screenshot of the opening sequence for the game Dys4ia.

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