QUICKIES 06/19/2013

Since the critically acclaimed documentary, (A)sexual: Not Everybody is Doing It, hit in 2011, asexuality discourse in the public sphere has begun to blossom. Yet still, asexuality is regarded with raised eyebrows by both heterosexuals and folks within the LGBTQ community. Last April, Skepchick writer, Courtney, produced a 2-part series on myths associated with asexuality (here and here). Currently, the Huffington Post is in the midst of a miniseries, complete with infographics, on the topic.

Relatedly, Dan Savage recently interviewed David Jay (the face of the asexual movement and founder of AVEN) for the second time on Savage Love; they discuss how to come out as asexual.


The Pew Research Center released data from a national poll, suggesting that nearly 50% of LGBTQ people have no religious affiliation, claiming they find most faiths to be unwelcoming. Surprise, surprise.


Because, apparently, having no family is better than living in a queer-headed home: Russian lawmakers move forward on the ban against foreign same-sex couples adopting children.


Brazil takes a giant step backwards in LGBTQ mental health issues as they lift the ban on therapists to provide “reparative” and/or “conversion” therapies to LGBT clients, approaches that the American Psychological Association have long deemed unethical, dangerous, and immoral.

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Melanie Elyse Brewster

Melanie Elyse Brewster

Melanie Elyse Brewster is an assistant professor of psychology and education in New York City who would describe herself as a new atheist and queer. Her research focuses on identity intersectionality and experiences of marginalization. Her book on "coming out" as atheist will be released next summer. Until then, for inappropriate jokes, feminist rants, and inane musings, you can follow her on twitter @melysebrewster

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