Quickies 07/03/2013


This is incredible news: two HIV-positive patients who received stem cell transplants alongside chemotherapy for their lymphoma are still free of HIV infection after months off of antiretrovirals.

While I am in general tentatively in favor of honoring reciprocal agreements between governments, fuck this noise.

Ken at Popehat has a staggering roundup of the misogynistic backlash he gets whenever he talks about sexual harassment. (The discussion in the comments appears to be comparatively civil and nuanced.)

Some religious types in the Dominican Republic are so mad that we’re sending them a gay ambassador that they’re…idk, being hella hypocritical about it given their response to sex scandals among priests. I guess that’s not really news.

If you don’t already follow Our Valued Customers, please consider this comic as notice that you should start.

Featured image from the ACLU blog.

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