Saturday Open Thread 7/13/2013


Here’s another open thread, where you can talk about whatever you want. Have fun!

If you’re curious, the featured image is a favorite of mine. It’s the Hubble Ultra Deep Field. Essentially, the Hubble telescope took a long exposure photograph of a tiny section of the sky. Everything in that image is a galaxy billions of light years away. If you’re still curious, you can learn more here.

The Saturday Open Thread is a weekly feature where we invite you, the Queereka community, to talk about whatever you want. Look for it every Saturday at 9 am EST.

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  1. I have three related questions.
    1: If an asteroid large enough to wipe out the majority of humans was coming toward us, about how close would it have to be to detect it?
    2: How close could such a large object come to the Earth without any collision or it burning in the atmosphere?
    3:What would people be likely to do after learning of this asteroid?

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