Quickies 07/17/2013


MLB has announced that they’re stepping up their nondiscrimination policy to better protect (as-yet, purely hypothetical) gay players. The only parts of baseball I like are the stats and the occasional animated gif of a hilarious error, but this is still good news.

Speaking of good news, the House of Commons just pushed through marriage equality in the UK. Good job not being a complete toady to your reprobate party, David Cameron.

Hey, look! A trans-inclusive dating app! Drinks all around!

Ed at Gin And Tacos read Suzanne Venker’s idiotic “WON’T SOMEBODY THINK OF THE WHITE MEN” column so you don’t have to.

I somehow missed this interview when it came out: Ellen Page is stupidly delightful and also writing a feminist movie, which makes her even moreso.

Here is an interesting column about gender and the Trayvon Martin verdict, but if you’re only going to read one response to the trial today, make sure it’s this one from Questlove.

Featured image from Guardian UK.

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