QUICKIES 8/23/2013


Alright, so, for serious, it’s like a Mad Max Dystopia out there this week:

(1) three Oklahoma teens thrill-kill a random guy

(2) World War II vet is beaten to death for fun

(3) UT Austin college students of color are being assaulted with bleach bombs

(4) Islan Nettles, NYC trans woman dies in hospital after a savage hate motivated assault in Harlem (unsurprisingly, the perp was initially charged with misdemeanor assault, because yeah, that seems like a proportionate charge for BEATING SOMEONE UNTIL THEY DIE)

(5) hundreds of Syrians killed in an attack, maybe chemical, maybe not

(6) dozens of people were just killed in a series of bombings in Lebanon.

. . .I’m sure there are many more gruesome stories that I am blocking out for my own sanity.


And then, Chelsea Manning‘s sentencing. And crap like this. And the completely transphobic, intentionally horrific response of most media outlets and, even, fuckin’ NPR.

By the way, if you want to write a letter to NPR, here’s where to send it: Their PR person, Anna Bross, [email protected]


In other news, something about happiness.


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