Quickies 08/28/2013


Wal-Mart: marginally less evil since 2013.

Vice has a pretty cool interview with this sweet kid from Russia. How fucking sad is it that his adorable babby-queer Twitter could land him in jail?

American Apparel is looking for trans models, so they can be exploitative of young people of all gender expressions!

Dear Elisa Chan: fuck you fuck you get out of my city fuck you.

In continuing Chelsea Manning coverage, this is how you educate people about how to write about trans people. This? Is not.

Featured image from photobucket user hermanatus.

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  1. From the HuffPo article on Chelsea Manning:

    “And if you wanted to respect her current choice of pronoun, how would you rewrite the sentence “In Iraq, Manning kept the fact that he was a gay man under wraps”? (Go on, give it a try.)”

    Hell, even without pronoun concerns that’s a terrible sentence. How about “In Iraq, Manning kept her sexuality under wraps”? Or, perhaps more pertinently, “In Iraq, Manning kept her gender identity under wraps”? Would those work? That wasn’t too hard. Give me another!

  2. Rachel

    I also remember hearing about how “Fox News” basically made fun of Manning in a very derogatory way, when revelations that she was a trans woman came out. No surprise.

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