Announcing: The Queereka Podcast!


Big news! Queereka now has a podcast! I’m very excited!

Click here for the first episode!

You can find the feed for future episodes at the RSS feed:

It will also be available on iTunes as soon as they approve it, which should happen fairly quickly.

The podcast will go out approximately every other Wednesday evening. I will be hosting most of the time, with other writers from Queereka (and hopefully other Skepchick blogs too!) discussing a variety of topics. Plus, I’m hoping to get voices from other places as well, so if there is someone you’d like to hear on the podcast please let me know. Each show after this one will have show-notes here on the Queereka blog.

Finally, I am looking for better cover art for the podcast! If you’d like to make us an image leave a message here or contact me at [email protected] for details. We can’t pay you, but we give you lots of credit!

Music for Queereka Podcast is courtesy of Colin Gagnon, who is awesome and talented. You can find him at

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  1. Thanks for the podcast, guys, I’m looking forward to the future ones. I have a couple of suggestions for topics I’d like to hear discussed, I’ll send them to the email address you mentioned in the show.

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