Quickies: 10/16/2013

Popehat’s got a nice roundup about The Urban Scientist’s harassment by a Scientific American partner blog.

Adrienne LaFrance has some handy scripts for what to do if you find yourself “stuck on an elevator with someone who loved that Sarah Lacy article.” She is much more patient than I am.

Jackson Katz just released Tough Guise 2: Violence, Manhood, and American Culture. I don’t have any information yet about theatrical release, but you can see a clip here and request a showing using tugg.com. [Full disclosure: I have never used Tugg to set up an event. The company is an Austin startup and it looks supercool.]

Dear National Geographic: neat article, but would it kill you to sound a little less surprised when a study finds that women did things? I mean, really.

And finally, I am reading this thing by Hilton Als and it is blowing my mind.

Featured image of hand stencils in Belize by Stephen Alvarez for National Geographic.

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