Queereka Podcast Episode 3


The second episode is up! You can listen to the episode here. You can also find us on iTunes or use the RSS feed here:

In this episode you will hear me and Cheyenne (a former Queereka writer) discuss sex work and sex worker rights. Cheyenne’s other work includes The Academy of Queerlesque and the book “The Devil’s Mercy: Homeland”. I hope you enjoy this episode and our discussion!

Music for Queereka Podcast is courtesy of Colin Gagnon, who is awesome and talented. You can find him at

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  1. I really enjoyed this look at sex work. I appreciated the discussion on the difference between trafficking, voluntary work, and the kind of grey area that can exist in between.

    If this has the possibility of being a recurring topic, then I would love to hear more about what Cheyenne mentioned in passing, the complications of legalization. I have always thought that would be a good first step, but I admit I am not as informed as I would like to be.

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