What weird old trick is an internet hate group using to escape the ire of the SPLC? H*ck if I know.


If you know of any weird old tricks to get the SPLC to actually listen and respond to you please let me know because it’s not working for me and I even gave them money that one time. In the meantime, there’s a weird old trick to getting a bigoted second-wave has-been who runs a hate group to dox and harass you, and I am executing it right now! (Hint: it’s by writing this article!)

Cathy Brennan runs a hate group.

We’re not entirely sure what she does in her life that’s actually productive, because an awful lot of it seems to be creating massive sockpuppet networks and running multiple blogs for the sole purpose of naming and harassing trans women. Please, someone buy this woman a World of Warcraft subscription so she can do something productive with her time.

A picture of a WoW character named Misandry waving at the camera
Too bad Apple Cider Mage took my WoW name, now I can’t play on their server 🙁

Mysteriously however, she evades scrutiny by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organization dedicated to naming, shaming, and bankrupting hate groups.

This should be a shoe-in. Cathy Brennan contacts trans women’s doctors for the sole purpose of harassing and violating them, has been caught outing underage trans men to their school, and participates in juvenile, bigoted hazing despite being on the American Bar Association’s Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. Oh yeah and lest we forget that time she wrote a letter to the UN imploring them to deny trans women necessary treatment or basic rights as human beings.

Friend of the Program Jason “lousycanuck” Thibeault has offered a possible piece of the puzzle as to why she evades having her hate group listed:

Is this the entire picture? Possibly not, as a 1k donation is fairly pithy. Shit Reddit Says had a donation drive about a year ago where the top donation was more than Cathy’s, and never mind that I am to understand they have a huge endowment that pays all their operating expenses as it is.

As such, should the SPLC be accepting checks from the leader of a hate group? Sadly, I’m not too confident that they’ll do the right thing, given that they have been dragging their feet on doing the right thing and listing Cathy Brennan for the greater part of a year now with no response, positive or otherwise. Hopefully they’ll prove us wrong and cancel the check and list a known hate group.

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  1. Anna, Fake Robot Gamer,

    I promoted a petition awhile back to get the SPLC to monitor Cathy Brennan’s “Identity Watch” as a hate group. Unforgettably it seems that it didn’t work.

    Change.Org – Petition Southern Poverty Law Center : Monitor Gender Identity Watch as a Hate Group

    I find it ironic that she’s comparing transwomen to “MRA’s” since has more in common with “MRA” misogynists than most Trans women. Than there’s this little Gem that David Futrelle of Manboobz found.

    Trans women are engaging in “delusional cosplay,” and more transphobic “wisdom” from The Spearhead

    I wish I knew how to convince the SPLC to monitor her group as a hate group. Unfortunately I do not. From what I understand it actually took a several violent acts to get them to monitor “MRAs” as a hate group. I sincerely hope it doesn’t take trans men and/or a trans women getting to get the SPLC to start monitoring groups like Brennan’s as hate groups. If the SPLC isn’t monitoring her group because she has donated them in the past than they ought to be ashamed of themselves. I would hope that that has nothing to do with it.

  2. The SPLC started out in the ’60’s as reputable Civil Rights organization, Over the years they have been taken over by despicable people, Accepting donations from Cathy Brennan pretty well sums them up. I have difficulty even type the letters of her name out, my keyboard i somehow feels soiled.

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