Quickies 3/6/2014


Good afternoon, everyone! Here’s some news that I think we’ll all find interesting.

Ed Brayton briefly discusses some of the positive things we can do as a country to support LGBT people worldwide. It’s more than just cutting off aid.

A Catholic school has decided to not march in the annual South Boston St. Patrick’s Day Parade because they’ve lifted their 20 year ban on gay people in the parade and a gay veterans groups is going to be marching as well. You know, as long as they don’t mention sexual orientation in any way. Who bets that the school would be seriously offended to be called bigots for not wanting to be anywhere near a group of gay people that can’t even say that they’re gay in public?

Who had this day in the pool that the right would blame the invasion of Crimea on us?

And finally, inspired by the anti-gay segregation law in Arizona, Sen. Steve Gallardo of the legislature there came out. Welcome out of the closet, Sen. Gallardo.

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