Quickies: Parade Thanks Mass Resistence * Grindr as STD Prevention Tool * SSM Ruling in Kentucky Stayed * “Don’t Say Gay” in Catholic Schools * Gay Tornados


Greetings, one and all! Hope you’re having a good day. Here’s a mixed bag of news to potentially get you going, maybe laughing, we’ll have to see.

– Over at GoodAsYou, it appears that MassResistence, the fringeyist of fringey anti-gay groups, lead by the awful Brian Camenker, got a nice thank you note from the organizers of the South Boston St. Patrick’s Day parade for their good work. Have to be honest, I’m not sure how true this is. It could be, but consider the source. Claiming support that they didn’t actually earn is kinda a part of what MassResistence does.

– Apparently health officials in San Mateo County are setting up fake Grindr profiles and using any hits they get to encourage people to look out for their sexual health rather than encouraging them to send pictures of their penises. However, some people feel that this is dishonest and the health workers are misrepresenting themselves inappropriately, regardless of their good intentions.

– The Kentucky ruling that said that the state has to recognize marriages performed in other districts has been stayed today by the judge pending appeal by the Bashear administration to the Sixth Circuit. Let’s be honest: this was entirely expected. It was a ruling by a District Court, which serves in the legal system primarily as a place where facts are determined for higher courts to work with, at least with cases like this. Their purpose is mostly to distill the various bits and pieces of information to make it easier for an appeals court to know what they can take seriously and what they can safely ignore in the various briefs that will be filed during the case. In this case, that’s a good thing, but try not to be disappointed that we can’t add Kentucky to the list of places where a SSM is officially approved.

– The Archdiocese of Cincinnati, showing how much they love religious liberty, has issued a clarification of their policies regarding being a teacher in one of their schools. Basically, if at any time you express support for something the Catholic Church disapproves of, you can be fired. This is both in and outside of school. Because liberty is doing what you’re told. I can’t help but agree with PZ: “The Church was dragged kicking and screaming into an era where you don’t get to murder people for disagreeing with your dogma.” If they could get away with it, there would be televised burning at the stake today.

– And the GOP in Illinois’s 9th District prove that supporting Obama at any point in time is much, much worse than believing that tornadoes and autism are God’s punishment for abortion and gay marriage. Just one more reminder that conservatism is an “intellectual movement,” in case you had somehow forgot. At least Jan Schakowsky can relax a bit this election season. Also, Rep. Schakowsky, don’t relax a bit this election season. If you feel the impulse, just chant “Martha Coakley” to yourself until you want to start going door to door again.

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