Quickies: 05/05/2013


[CN: transphobic language]

Washington state just got it’s first LGBT Supreme Court justice. Mary Yu also happens to be the first latina and Asian-American on the court.

There is a trend among GOP politics to forgive any misdeed so long as the candidate proclaims themselves Christian and asks for forgiveness. We’ll see if this trend holds for NC state Senate candidate Steve Wiles, who has recently been outed as a former drag queen.

A lesbian public high school teacher in CA claims she lost her job for standing up against the school’s discrimination against LGBT students. “[Student’s] complaints included teachers using ‘that’s so gay’ in class and harassing a lesbian gender-nonconforming student elected homecoming queen.” The ACLU is helping her sue the school district.

Cristan Williams at The TransAdvocate writes about historic use of the word “tranny.” She notes that current use is quite different in the gay mens’ community than in the population at large, which may contribute to the friction between the gay and transgender communities.

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