QUICKIES 05/23/2014


Huffpo reports that North Dakota is now the only state in the union with an unchallenged ban on gay marriage. Anyone got any theories?

Disgusting: Canada denies visas to Ugandan gay rights activists seeking to attend the World Pride conference, on the presumption that they would subsequently seek asylum. Well, no shit, Canada. Is the profound obviousness of their persecution really a reason to deny someone asylum?

Why Cosmos has creationists so terrified.

Deepak Chopra:Quantum Troll.

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  1. Ugh, the treatment of asylum seekers throughout the developed world sickens me. It’s the worst form of tribalism – they won’t sacrifice a tiny amount of their well-being to save the life of someone who was unlucky enough to be born in a country that wants to kill them for simply existing. I wish this type of attitude were fading, and people were starting to think more in terms of a global tribe, but sometimes it seems to be going in the opposite direction. To think, Canada used to be considered one of the more progressive and nice nations, but people were perfectly willing to keep electing Conservatives to office, and this is what the country’s come to.

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