HIV Researchers and Activists Killed Onboard Malaysia Airlines Flight


Update 7/20/14: News reports are now listing the number of researchers killed as 6. While still an important loss of knowledge in the world of AIDS and HIV research, it is not as extreme as originally reported.

Original Post: According to TIME Magazine the Malaysia Airlines flight 17 that was apparently shot down over Ukraine yesterday had on board approximately 100 researchers and activists headed for the International AIDS Conference in Melbourne. Many of them were from the Neatherlands (where the flight originated), including a former president of the International AIDS Society, Joep Lange. The deaths of these researchers, journalists, and activists is a real loss for the field of HIV research.

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  1. It is hard, because it is such a tragedy for the 300 dead people no matter who they were, but at the same time, I think it is important to be accurate.

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