Quickies: Gay Games, Ugandan Pride, and FSP

  • Pride has come to Uganda – Even as the government works to repass the antigay law, Uganda’s LGBTs celebrated their third annual Pride festival in Entebbe, which is 25 miles from capital city of Kampala. Check out #UGPridepostAHA for updates and photos of the event.
  • “Don’t say gay” TN State Senator loses seat – Stacey Campfield, who crafted a law that would have prohibited the mention of homosexuality in TN public schools through 8th grade, lost his primary race Thursday.
  • Bigot appropriates the Flying Spaghetti Monster to infiltrate Vancouver Pride – Bill Whatcott, executive director of anti-gay group Christian Truth Activists, faked a group and a website in order to march in the pride parade and hand out fake condoms containing antigay flyers.
  • Stigma lingers in wake of new PrEP guidelines – NPR has a story on slut shaming and homophobia encountered in some LGBTs and healthcare workers regarding the use of Truvada to prevent the transmission of HIV.
  • Look Who’s Coming to Dinner” – an essay in the Huffington Post asks the lesbian community to take a critical look at its transphobia.
  • And finally, the 2014 International Gay Games kicked off Saturday in Cleveland. According to their website,

    The Gay Games are an international sporting and cultural event held every four years. Launched in 1982, the Games invite participation from all athletes—regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender identity, sex, religion, nationality, ethnic origin, political beliefs, athletic or artistic ability, age, physical challenge or health status.

Featured image via Twitter @KashaJacqueline

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