Quickies: Anti-Trans Hate Crimes, Real Names Revisited, LGBT Domestic Violence


Transgender Woman Assaulted in Brooklyn – The victim was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Two of the four suspects were caught on tape. Share their photos. Let’s find them and put them behind bars.

Plea Deal Reached in Fire Attack on Agender Student – 17-year-old Richard Thomas, of Oakland, CA set fire to fellow student Sasha Fleischman who identifies as agender. The attack put Flischman in the hospital for 3 weeks. Thomas pled no contest to charges of felony assault and inflicting great bodily injury in exchange for having the hate crime charges dropped. He faces up to 7 years in jail.

Facebook “Real Names” Saga Drags On – Despite issuing lengthy apologies regarding the suspension of numerous accounts belonging to performers, LGBT individuals, people with non-Western sounding names, an others using pseudonyms for privacy, Facebook has yet to correct the mechanism that lets anyone target and get suspended accounts. Facebook is still working on implementing solutions, and Sister Roma is still in weekly contact with them making sure it happens. Users who have had their profiles suspended can contact Sister Roma for her assistance in having them reinstated.

NCAVP Documents LGBT Domestic Violence – National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs has been collecting data on LGBT domestic violence since 1997. From the report: “LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ young adults, people of color, gay men, bisexual survivors and transgender women were the most impacted by [domestic violence] in 2013.” Also at greater risk were undocumented immigrants.

Freedom to Marry Charts Advances in the US – With the frequency of same-sex marriage rulings in the US, it’s good to have one place with a simple chart showing the status of each state.

Rome Mayor Gives Legal Recognition to 16 Same-Sex Couples – Despite same-sex marriage remaining illegal in Italy, Rome’s mayor transcribed these 16 couples’ marriages onto the city’s registers. The couples were legally married abroad.

Featured Image: Suspects from Brooklyn Trans-Bashing

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  1. Once again bravery from local officials leading the way on the issue of equal rights! Kudos to Mayor Marino!

    We need more visibility of people who are transgender. When I was younger I thought it was strange, but I was lucky enough to hang out with a group of people who were friends with a woman who was transgender, and who treated it like not a big deal. That helped me work through my confusion, by normalizing treating her as any other person.

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