Quickies: Ebola Blamed on Gays, Dear Straight People, What Genderqueer Looks Like

  • Liberian Church Blames Ebola on the Gays – Homosexuality is already punishable with prison time in Liberia. Now incidences of anti-LGBT harassment and violence are on the rise following a statement by the Liberian Council of Churches claiming that Ebola is God’s punishment for homosexuality.
  • Dear White People: CC Straight People – Ashley Miller writes about watching Dear White People with the vocally homophobic members of the historically black Morehouse football team. Spoiler alert – it was terrifying and depressing.
  • U.S. Marine Suspected in Murder of Filipino Trans Woman – Now held on Philipine military base, guarded by U.S. troops. PFC Pemberton is suspected in the Oct 11 murder of Jennifer Laude. He was held on a US ship, but this angered protesters, who feared Pemberton would be allowed to return to the U.S. without facing charges.
  • GBT Inmates Sue Over Discrimination – “[The ACLU] contends that the incarcerated victims were held in a segregated unit known as the ‘alternative lifestyle tank,’ where they were afforded less access to rehabilitation services and work programs that could have shortened their jail time and taught them job skills.”
  • Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Welcomes Those of all Orientations and Genders – A straight woman writes about her experience as a Sister of Perpetual Indulgence. Anyone can join the Sisters and be fabulous, so long as they embrace the message of service, acceptance and equality.
  • What Genderqueer Looks Like – The Huffington Post shares a selection of the photos posted under #WhatGenderqueerLooksLike.

Featured Image: via #WhatGenderqueerLooksLike

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